Mi esposo es un marica por Mistress Jessica

Mi esposo es un marica por Mistress Jessica
Titulo del libro : Mi esposo es un marica
Fecha de lanzamiento : July 21, 2012
Autor : Mistress Jessica
Número de páginas : 59

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Mistress Jessica con Mi esposo es un marica

What if your husband no longer satisfied your needs in the bedroom, you could get rid of him or you could make him into a little sissy, this way you could keep him around for the household chores such as cleaning and laundry as you slowly took his manhood away from him and turned him into something far more less than a man. This would free you up to enjoy the attentions of more worthy manly specimens knowing that the house would be clean when you got home. You could dress him up so pretty and embarrass him in front of your friends and use him in ways that you probably had never thought of before. Well that is exactly what I did and here is his story…..