Hearts in the Sand (Legacy Book 1) por Allyson Lindt

Hearts in the Sand (Legacy Book 1) por Allyson Lindt
Titulo del libro : Hearts in the Sand (Legacy Book 1)
Autor : Allyson Lindt

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Allyson Lindt con Hearts in the Sand (Legacy Book 1)

She loves. She dies. She is reborn.Kirby doesn’t understand the pull she feels to the on-base doctor she’s serving with in Kuwait, but she’s not going to deny the attraction. Especially after two scorching hook-ups.When he introduces her to a friend, her desire doubles. That night, her pleasure does as well.Gwydion and Min have been searching for Kirby for centuries. The Valkyrie the loved in her previous lives, who’s been reborn over and over.Sparks are flying, but so are RPG’s. If they can’t show Kirby the truth about her past, and help her achieve immortality, they may lose her to death again.Author's Note: Hearts in the Sand was previously released in the Saved Between the Sheets anthology. It's been edited and contains a new epilogue for this solo re-release.Other Books By Allyson LindtLegacy Series (Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem)Hearts in the SandBlood in the ShadowsDeath in the Night3d20 Series (Ménage Romance)Roll Against TrustRoll Against RegretRoll Against DiscoveryRoll Against BetrayalGame for Cookies Series (Ménage Romance)Seduction GamesControl GamesTwo Plus One (Ménage Romance)Their NerdTheir MatchmakerSubscribe, Live, Love Series (Ménage Romance)Red HuntedRed ConsumedBeauty ClaimedBeauty AwakenedUbiquity Series (Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem)Seductive SoulSoul ReaperSoul BetrayerTruth's Harem Series (Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem)Fate's IllusionInnovation's MuseApathy's HeroRidden Hard (M/F Contemporary Romance)Hard FlipHard PackRiding the WaveDrive Me WildLove Equation (Contemporary Romance)The Rival and the BillionaireThe Geeks and the SocialiteThe Second Chance and the AuctioneerThe Virgin and the KingpinLove Games (M/F Contemporary Romance)His Long ShotHer ArtistHis ReputationHer AirmanHis HackerHer InfatuationHacking Wonderland (Erotic Suspense)Reagan through the Looking GlassThe Hatter and the HarePainting the Roses RedReigning HeartsStand Alone TitlesSeeking More (M/F New Adult Romance)Brothers of Fate (Paranormal Romance)